Newpaper was born with the idea and
inspiration to create new things for ourselves and our customers.

We are inspired by design excellence and quality of a product- it’s the attention to detail what makes things
beautiful. When we create a design or a solution for the internet we put it to test on ourselves and do
notrelease it until we feel we have created something insane, that’s how we design things.


Arrow Builder

Arrow Builder Is An Innovative Drag & Drop Backend Builder, Made To Give You An Effortless Page Building Experience!
Create, Design, Customize or Build unlimited layouts and manage the content of your website through the intuitive
Backend Page Builder with ease. No coding skills required!

Advanced Features

Arrow Builder has features that make customization & editing easy & simple. It has Responsive & built in one page capability & Other power-packed Features.

Powerful shortcodes

Built to cater the need of everyone, Arrow Builder has numerous shortcode modules custom built by our team at Newpaper, that let you insert your content wih ease with no requirement of coding knowledge.

For Any WordPress Theme

We have tested Arrow Builder with different themes to make it work like magic with any WordPress theme. Because each website is unique and different in its own way!

Innovative & Versatile Products

We are working on products to give you a better wordpress experience. The problems faced during
customizing & using different wordpress themes & plugins inspires us to build better products. We are coming up with multiple plugins,
HTML & Wordpress Page Builder & Unconventional Themes.


Arrow Builder is a cutting-edge Page Builder on the Go.

We are creating an innovative Wordpress & HTML Page-Builder.

"Our agency is committed to quality and 101% customer satisfaction"

That’s why we have made a support team to take care of anything we do wrong. Suggestions, ideas
and feedbacks are always welcome.


Our products are well explained and documented. However, if you face any problem,
we have a support team to help you get through it.